About Meg Walling

Meg Walling is a painter and mixed media artist who was raised in western Pennsylvania, where she first registered the impact of color and developed an appreciation for the natural world that remains an important inspiration to her artwork today. Colorful, textural and vivid, her paintings highlight the beauty, geometry and starkness of the desert landscape where she has lived for the last 45 years.

Meg is drawn to geographic areas that are visually rich, have a strong sense of place and extremes in environment. Now known for her abstract landscapes and figurative work, she has exhibited in numerous southern California galleries, commercial public spaces and in the Palm Springs Art Museum. Her paintings both on canvas and paper are found in private art collections in New York, California, Oregon and in Mexico.

Artist Statement

In my painting, I use images I find in my desert backyard, or from my walks or from poems and books or movies.  Using form and color in my painting, I intend to transcend journalistic report to capture the essence of a thing or a place.  From this perch, it is possible to take a new look at things familiar-- to see with new eyes.  By moving away from the literal, new interpretations of things we thought we knew become possible and the shared experience becomes accessible.  

I am deeply saddened how our society is rocked by polarity.  Today, more and more, differing opinions have led to an escalation of conflict, separation and distrust.  I believe that in passionate defense of individual positions, we have closed our minds to the possibility that we have more in common than we think.  As an artist, I have a way in – I have the means to engage emotion and imagination with my art so the viewer might get a glimpse of what connects us all.   

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